Monday, August 10, 2015

Have Tax Debt? Get Help from a Tax Attorney

It’s a common refrain that people hear every time tax day rolls around: pay your taxes or the IRS will come for you. For many, this isn’t a problem that pops up, but sometimes some people are forced into tax debt because of circumstances. For example, a divorced woman may suddenly find out that the joint taxes she filed with her ex-husband weren’t properly calculated. She may end up being on the hook for thousands of dollars and she isn’t at fault. The IRS still needs to go after her for the money, though.

Thankfully, it’s possible to get out of tax debt with a little help from tax lawyers. Tax lawyers can negotiate with the IRS to help you get out of debt. For one, they can review your finances and your payments. Tax attorneys are familiar with a lot of tax laws that can affect your payment. The lawyer may be able to lower the amount you have to pay.

Plus, a tax lawyer can negotiate payment terms. Installment plans, lump-sum payments, and even filing for bankruptcy are some of the options that may be offered to those burdened with tax debt.

Being hounded by the IRS is not a fun experience. You may suffer from jail time, and even if you do avoid it, you’ll still be paying a lot of money. Get a tax lawyer to help so your debt won’t be that much of a burden.

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