Monday, August 10, 2015

Situations for Hiring a Tax Lawyer

Some people might think that a tax lawyer is only necessary for tax evasion accusations. Actually, there are more situations wherein you will need the help of a tax lawyer.

Tax Debt Higher than $10,000. When you fail to pay your tax returns on time, it will start accumulating interests and penalties. If the tax debt remains unpaid long enough, you will face many consequences, which may include seizure of assets, levies, and even jail time. A tax lawyer can guide you in negotiating terms on how to settle the debt without having to pay the whole amount.

Lawsuit Against IRS. You can sue the IRS for different reasons. Some examples are when damages result from an IRS employee’s neglect of tax collection procedures, and when the IRS made mistakes in calculations regarding a tax decision. When you feel that the IRS wronged you in any way, a tax lawyer can help you determine the validity of your complaint, as well as guide you with the actions you need to take.

Business Concerns. The structure of the business (i.e. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC, etc.) affects its taxation. A lawyer can help you with tax issues involving any type of business structure you have. Legal counsel is also valuable if you are involved in an overseas business.

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