Monday, August 10, 2015

Why You Should Not Deal with the IRS Directly

Getting mail from IRS can strike terror into the heart of any taxpayer, especially those who know that they’re knee-deep in debt. While it’s not smart to ignore the IRS completely, you should also tread carefully when dealing with them. Better yet, don’t deal with them directly and get a tax attorney to legally represent you. Here’s why you should not take on the IRS all by yourself:

Stressful Agenda

It’s easy to get intimidated with an IRS representative when one comes knocking around. As your representative, your tax attorney can deal with the IRS on your behalf to avoid all the stress. If you want to be more involved, your attorney can just be present to give advice on how best to communicate with the IRS. 

Pay Negotiation

If you have unpaid debts with the IRS and can’t pay it in full right away, you can get in trouble real fast. Hire a tax attorney to help you negotiate for a more suitable option. For instance, a lawyer can help you get an Offer in Compromise, which will allow you to pay less than the total amount owed. 


People with serious tax issues, like committing tax fraud or under criminal investigation, should get a lawyer immediately. If the IRS comes to question you, you could slip up and unknowingly give away information that could incriminate you. Always have a lawyer present when you are dealing with the IRS.

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