Wednesday, November 25, 2015

IRS Tax Liens Can Happen When You Aren’t Careful

Can we compare to Superman? Getting started on your own taxes feels a lot like you are Superman being brought down by your arch nemesis – Lex Luther. But finishing up your taxes and officially filing them – Well, that feels a lot like bringing Luther down and saving the World. Ok, maybe it’s not that great, but filing your own taxes does feel like a pretty big accomplishment. In fact, it’s so big, people actually pay professionals to take care of their taxes for them. Seems like a rip off, right? Wrong. Getting professional tax service help is smart. Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is, in a way, a completely new enemy – Kryptonite. Just when you feel like you filed your taxes correctly, you get a notice saying you owe money or will be forced to deal with an IRS tax lien. In 2004, about 2.5 million levies were filed by the IRS due to mistakes made from individual people filing their taxes.

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