Sunday, November 22, 2015

Need Help with the IRS?

If you are a Sacramento business that is facing an IRS audit due to some perceived irregularities on your company's corporate tax filings, then you need to reach out to a qualified tax lawyer to get the help that you need. The Internal Revenue Service can be relentless when they think you owe Uncle Sam money, but a tax lawyer can help you put up a fight against the IRS auditors. The Internal Revenue Service frequently makes mistakes in their audits, but it can be difficult for a company and their team of accountants to point this out in a compelling and convincing manner. A tax lawyer has the experience and the ability to keep the IRS off of a company's back.

One of the top reasons that companies hire a tax lawyer is the fact that the company executives do not have to worry about what they tell their legal representation since a lawyer cannot testify against his or her client. A business can be completely honest and upfront with their lawyers when it comes to the tax case that is being tried.

Another reason why companies reach out to lawyers to help them in their battles against the IRS is the fact that lawyers are able to help you make the right decisions. When the IRS is making threats, it can be difficult to stand up to them. A tax lawyer will be able to handle correspondence on your behalf, and they will not be intimidated.

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