Thursday, November 5, 2015

When Uncle Sam Comes Knocking, Hire a Tax Attorney

If you get a letter from the IRS that says you owe more tax, you will feel a sinking sensation in your stomach. Or, maybe you are the unlucky winner of the “audit lottery” and the IRS selected one of your tax returns for further examination. Fortunately, there are trained and experience lawyers who specialize in representing clients just like you before the IRS. An IRS attorney will have knowledge about IRS procedures and can help guide you through the frightening and stressful process of dealing with the IRS.

While many taxpayers appear pro se before the IRS, there are marked advantages in hiring an experienced IRS tax lawyer to handle your case. If you and the IRS are unable to reach an offer and compromise, then the case will proceed to litigation. An IRS attorney can advice you on the most favorable litigation route. A taxpayer has the option to litigation in the US tax court or federal court. Depending on particular facts and circumstances, either of these forums may have distinct advantages or disadvantages. In addition, an IRS attorney can also assist in minimizing your potential tax liability. Generally, the IRS is allowed to review returns for the previous 3 years from the return in question. When deciding to file a refund claim or contest certain issues, these could have significant implications for exposing you to additional tax liabilities. Because of the sheer complexity of the tax laws, an attorney can help minimize your tax liability.

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