Thursday, November 5, 2015

Who Needs a Tax Attorney?

If the IRS is coming after you for back taxes or thinks that you have committed criminal misconduct, you should hire an attorney immediately. The government has the power to come after you until you pass away regardless of when a supposed infraction occurred. In some cases, you could go to jail in addition to having wages garnished or social security benefits garnished by the government.

You should understand that you are not automatically guilty of fraud or owe money to the IRS just because it says you do. Your attorney will review your case and determine the best path toward a favorable resolution of the problem. This may mean that you agree to pay some back taxes or other restitution in exchange for not going to jail or facing other serious penalties.

Sometimes, it may even be possible to have charges dismissed or have the IRS realize that it made a mistake and owes you money. In especially complex cases involving corporations or large estates, it may be necessary to enlist the help of accountants or other forensic experts. An attorney may be able to find an accountant or other expert on your behalf.

A final reason to hire an attorney is because he or she knows how to talk to the IRS without saying or doing anything to hurt your chances of a favorable resolution. Your attorney will talk to the IRS on your behalf and will make sure that the investigation retains its narrow focus.

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