Tuesday, January 26, 2016

IRS Tax Attorney Talks Potential Tax Season Postponement

At the beginning of the New Year, it is completely normal and even recommended to start getting ready for the upcoming tax season. And let’s face it – taxes aren’t the easiest of endeavors. There may be confusing questions you have, personal information you aren’t sure of, issues with the IRS you need to get solved quickly, and other obstructions in your path. This is pretty common with a lot of people, and getting in touch with the Internal Revenue Service isn’t that easy to do and get your problems worked out. But since 2010 there has been over 15,000 full-time employees that have been laid off as well as a implementing budget cuts. Due to these changes, there has been Cutting workersquite a difference in the level of motivation at the Internal Revenue Service causing a severe backup in their work.

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